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1. Build a bunkbed with a double bed underneath that parents and kids will enjoy.

Photo: prettydomesticated/Instagram

2. DIY a welcome wreath so your guests can easily identify their room.

Photo: hobbylobby/Instagram

3. Adopt a warm, earthy color palette to make twin beds look more grown-up.

Photo: andrewbrownid/Instagram

4. Print and frame a cute sign with your wifi network name and password.

Photo: typeset_for_two/Instagram

5. Repurpose existing furniture rather than splurging on all new pieces.

Photo: littleglassjarblog/Instagram

6. Add a basket with throw blankets in case your guests get chilly at night.

Photo: shoppe_by_ai/Instagram

7. Ensure there is a light source within easy reach of bed.

Photo: sapphire_living/Instagram

8. Hang a playful sign above the headboard as wall art.

Photo: prettypeachtree/Instagram

9. Opt for a daybed in a space that also functions as a home office.

Photo: therusticfarmhouse/Instagram

10. Place an alarm clock on the nightstand to help guests rise and shine.

Photo: whiskerrow/Instagram

11. Put together a basket of travel-size toiletries.

Photo: expressionsentertainment/Instagram

12. Create a simple dressing area using a floating shelf and mirror.

Photo: mirabelles/Instagram

13. And finally, provide a couple of your favorite books for guests to enjoy.

Photo: virginia_cheek/Instagram

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