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Ready for another doomsday report detailing the Bay Area’s housing crisis and intensifying wealth disparity? Paragon Real Estate Group recently released a comprehensive survey of SF Bay Area County Real Estate Prices, Market Trends, Economics & Demographics. As it’s a mouthful of a name and extremely lengthy, we’ve broken down a few of the most pertinent graphs.

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Above, Paragon has broken down the Bay Area by not only the most expensive cities, but also the neighborhoods within those cities. In San Francisco, Pacific Heights and Presidio Heights (which happen to border each other) accrued an average home sale price of $6.18 million. Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood is a quarter of that at “only” $1.52 million.

Image: Paragon Real Estate Group

While Vallejo has been making headlines for having the hottest neighborhoods in the Bay Area real estate market, homes in Alameda County (Oakland, Berkeley) are being snatched up the quickest at an average of 18 days on the market. In contrast, homes in San Francisco sold in an average of 32 days, while those in Sonoma averaged 50 days.

Image: Paragon Real Estate Group

This graph is reflective of another in the report that illustrates hiring trends in the tech industry, dating back to January 2000. Last year, the median rent price for San Francisco hit its peak, but today it’s more in line with what was reported in August 2014.

To summarize: “The Bay Area ranks high in income, education, employment rates and general health factors, often grabbing almost all the top rankings, but it is also unhappily high in income inequality, housing unaffordability and poverty.” This is something every Bay Area local is hyper aware of, especially those who regularly traverse the Tenderloin and SOMA neighborhoods where startup logos announce new office projects every few feet, but also where homelessness is most prevalent.

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