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Slide is a new IndieGoGo-backed gadget that lets users automate their horizontal blinds by using their smartphones. If you’ve ever wanted to open or close your blinds while sleeping in without having to get out of bed, this is the product for you.

Slide works with virtually every type of horizontal blind and a smartphone. It was designed to retrofit, which means it works with the blinds you already own. The makers of Slide created a special modular mounting system with different connectors to attach either curtain rails or rods, the two most commonly used curtain systems.


One of Slide’s most alluring features is its invisibility. The connector system mounts in minutes and is completely hidden behind the curtains so it doesn’t add any bulk. Rest assured, your feng shui will not be affected.

Photo: IndieGoGo

Through the Slide smartphone app, homeowners have total control over their curtains, opening and closing them at will — either from the comfort of their bed or halfway around the world.

Slide can also be programmed to open or close at certain times of day, for those homeowners who like to rise to early morning sunshine. Through geofencing technology, Slide can also automatically close your curtains after everyone has left for the day until someone comes home, keeping your home cooler during the summer and keeping heat inside during the colder months to reduce energy costs.

Photo: IndieGoGo

Slide is also integrated with the If This Then That (IFTTT) platform, which allows it to work with other smart home devices like Amazon’s Echo and Fitbit. For example, if you have a romantic evening planned and whisper sweet nothings to your Echo, Slide will adjust the curtains to create the perfect ambiance. Similarly, if your Fitbit “sees” that you are awake, Slide can automatically open your curtains.

IFTTT also works with many other devices and gadgets, including smart lights, the Homeboy in-home camera system and the WeHo coffeemaker.

Another benefit of Slide is its use as an anti-burglary device. Vacationing homeowners can pre-program Slide to open and close their blinds periodically as though they were still at home.

Slide costs $135 for one connector set and is expected to ship this fall. It raised over $300,000 and was fully funded on Indiegogo earlier this year.

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