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It’s official: everything has now been turned into a smart home device. This California-based lifestyle company has created a salt shaker that plays music while performing its essential task of dispensing salt.

Created by Herb and Body, SMALT is a high-tech salt shaker equipped with bluetooth speakers and multi-colored lighting. Launched on crowdfunding site Indiegogo this week, the app-enabled device acts as an all-in-one centerpiece that can be controlled from your smartphone.

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The top of the shaker twists open, allowing users to pour in common table salt. The sodium can be released by either manually twisting it or it can be dispensed in a little tray at the bottom of the shaker by pressing a button.

Or, if you want to have a little fun with the shaker, users can virtually dispense the salt with hand gestures by using the SMALT app. You can either shake the phone or pinch the screen to release salt. If you’re not worried about your cholesterol levels, you can also “eyeball” the amount of sodium you desire. In addition, users can also voice activate the shaker, as SMALT connects with Amazon Echo to provide a voice interface.

GIF: SMALT/Indiegogo

When you’re feeling a little salty, SMALT can play your favorite tunes to cheer you up, as it’s equipped with powerful bluetooth speakers and color-changing mood lighting around the top.

If you’re trying to cutback on the sodium, SMALT’s app does track your consumption and can be set to reduce your intake over time. The shaker comes in white and includes rechargeable batteries.

The first shipment of SMALT is expected for March 2018. Prices start at $99 USD.

But one question is left unanswered. What about pepper?

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