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If you’re afraid of the dark, this smart nightlight may be your saving grace… or it might keep you up at night with its technicolored glow.

Zing is a multi-colored plug-in nightlight equipped with smartphone control and special light effects. Launched on crowd-funding site Kickstarter in July, the device is packed with connectivity options and can be used as a visual indicator for incoming calls and other notifications. Created by Team Zing based in San Diego, the nightlight can also notify you of unusual and suspicious motion activities happening within monitored areas of your home.

Photo: Zing/Kickstarter

Powered by 12 full-color LEDs, Zing is capable of over four billion colors and 512 levels of brightness. Depending on if you want soft or vibrant lighting, users can adjust the settings to their preferred level of brightness. Using Zing’s app, the light features are fully customizable and events and triggers can be assigned their own colors and effects.

When Zing senses motion it will gently illuminate power up to 40 percent intensity, just enough to guide you through the dark without blinding you. Zing will gradually return to standby levels after motion has stopped.

Besides guiding you through the dark, the smart nightlight also can help you find your lost belongings. With a Zing in each room, users can configure the Zing locator service and track all their gadgets with most Bluetooth smart devices. Zing can locate a device’s Bluetooth signals and determine its location using the Zing app or through voice commands using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Zing can also pair with your phone to illuminate when you receive an incoming call or text message.

GIF: Zing/Kickstarter

When used in packs, Zings can light up your entire path throughout your home. A group of Zings will automatically learn your nighttime movement patterns over the course of seven to ten days. When walking along your anticipated route at night, the devices will light up with a soft glow as soon as the first motion is detected. If your movement patterns change, Zing will adapt and change with you.

Zing has already surpassed its $52,500 USD goal on Kickstarter and so far has raised over $127,400 USD. The starting price for the nightlight is $36 USD and the first shipment is slated for December 2017.

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