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If you’re a cat lover and tight on space, you might want to take a look at Cat Walk. It stylishly turns your unused wall space into the absolutely purr-fect playground for your feline friend.

Cat Walk is a floating shelf-like system that securely attaches to walls, and opens up many of the unused spaces above us to our felines. It was designed with the apartment dweller or cat lovers living in compact spaces in mind. The shelves can attach nearly anywhere on your wall that there is available space, like above doors or wall corners — areas that generally go unused.

Photo: Cat Walk/IndieGoGo

Cat Walk shelves were built to withstand the weight of two pleasantly plump cats, and each shelf is strong enough to support the weight of a jumping cat — which can be twice a cat’s actual weight. Cat Walk allows cats to get exercise safely indoors, or just lounge around all day.

Shelves come in three lengths, eight inches, 16 inches, and 24 inches, for endless configurational possibilities. A hammock is an added on, making the system great for those lazy summer days. All shelves are painted with four layers of protective coating, and are scratch and water resistant.

Photo: Cat Walk/IndieGoGo

Best of all, its minimalist design won’t overpower your feng shui game or cramp your style.

Cat Walk was created by ViviPet, with the help of Peter Cohen, the founder of ZenByCat. Cohen made headlines after he converted his entire home into an interactive playground for over 22 homeless felines called the House of Nekko.

The inspiration for Cat Walk struck after a visit to Cohen’s home, and the subsequent realization that cats are not only here to comfort us, but to actually live alongside us — so why not build them a better space?

Cat Walk is expected to begin shipping in September. A set of 3 Cat Walks and a hammock will cost you $95. A 32 pack will set all the cat ladies out there back a cool $1,000. And while it won’t turn your home into the House of Nekko, it will bring all the cats to your yard.

As of July 11th, Cat Walk was 145 percent funded on IndieGoGo.

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