Photo: Tovnet/Indiegogo

A New York start-up team has come up with a bright idea for home security.

Tovnet is a smart light bulb with a built-in wifi security camera and an app to control its every movement. Launched on crowdfunding site Indiegogo last month, the discrete light fixture is easy to install but has several bells and whistles to get the home gadget crowd excited. Tovnet simply screws into place and just like that you’ll have real-time video surveillance accessible on your phone.

Equipped with motion detection, the gold light fixture is always alert, capturing every movement. Tovnet’s camera has a wide-angle view of up to 120 degrees and H.264 images and video can be recorded to your smartphone through the app. App users can hear audio with the device’s two-way audio feature and receive email alerts when motion is detected. Images can also be seen in the dark with Tovnet’s infrared night vision feature.

Photo: Tovnet/Indiegogo

The smart light can be installed anywhere, as long as it’s covered and protected. Its 360-degree range of motion allows Tovnet to be placed on different angles. If users wish to have an additional copy of recorded video, the high-tech bulb comes with an SD card.

So far, Tovnet has raised over $81,200 USD, surpassing its goal by 1,551 per cent. The first shipment is scheduled for September 2017.

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