Photo: Teodoor/Kickstarter

Why constantly carry around a set of keys everywhere you go, when you could lock and unlock your door without even touching the doorknob? A team of techies from Slovenia have designed a hands-free method that lets residents enter their homes using Bluetooth.

Smart lock Teodoor provides a secure Bluetooth-operated door lock to replace the use of keys. Launched by Martin Koterle on crowdfunding site Kickstarter in April, Teodoor can be installed on the inside of an existing door lock.

Once Teodoor is installed, locking and unlocking your door is as simple as having the system’s app on your smartphone. Using Bluetooth technology, Teodoor will sense when you’re approaching your door, and without touching the doorknob, the device will unlock the door. And, you don’t have to worry about locking the door behind you as the device has got that covered too.

Photo: Teodoor/Kickstarter

On the app, multiple users can be given regular or restricted access rights to your Teodoor, which is convenient for a daily dog walker or even a weekly cleaner. The app will also alert you if anyone who is not authorized to use your Teodoor tries to open your door.

Powered by replaceable lithium batteries, the smart lock is compatible with most single cylinder deadbolts and all European cylinder locks. The creators claim the device can be installed on a door within a few minutes.

You may not want to toss your keys away just yet. In case you forget your phone or Teodoor’s battery dies, the smart lock can be used as a manual doorknob, allowing you to gain entry with your existing keys.

Photo: Teodoor/Kickstarter

In just over a month, Teodoor raised almost $213,000 USD, surpassing its goal of $90,000 USD. The first shipment is expected for January 2018.

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