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A startup team from Berlin has created a table light that will control all your smart home tech devices and respond to your questions… plus it looks pretty sleek too.

COVI is a speech-enabled smart light that can control many of your smart home devices all from one central hub. Created by Senic, the device works in conjunction with Amazon’s Alexa to provide hands-free service, as it will answer your questions and fulfill your home tech demands.

Photo: COVI/Kickstarter

Launched on crowdfunding site Kickstarter in June, COVI is built on an open source platform and combines smart technology with elegant interior design. Resembling a traditional kerosene lamp, the light has a dimming switch that controls warm and cool LEDs. Users can easily sync their smart home devices to the smart light via the COVI app.

With COVI’s speech interface, users can ask the smart light to unlock the door, dim the house lights, play music and even control the AC. Users can simply activate the speech feature by touching a button or using a trigger word. COVI is cloud-based, ensuring it will always be updated and in tune with your devices.

Photo: COVI/Kickstarter

The smart light’s glow can also be a useful feature. Designed to adapt to your natural cycles, COVI is preset to mimic natural light throughout the day. In the morning, COVI shines a cool white light to wake you up and a warm white glow as you unwind in the evening.

The central hub can also alert you with ambient notifications when you receive a message. Instead of setting a loud alarm on your phone, COVI can alert you by lighting up when you receive a call or text message, and even when it’s time for bed.

In less than a month, COVI surpassed its $85,500 USD goal and so far has raised $114,417 USD in its campaign. The first shipment of the smart light is slated for February 2018.

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