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Ever try hanging a frame or mirror, and once you take a step back you realize it’s not even remotely centered? To alleviate your frustrations, a tech company from New Jersey has created a smart device that will precisely measure your objects and let you visualize design ideas on your smartphone, before picking up a hammer.

Cubit is a handy smart measuring tool, complete with an interactive app where you can virtually see your home improvement projects. Launched Tuesday on crowdfunding site Indiegogo by Plott, the device uses lasers and rolling sensors to measure the dimension of rooms and objects. Using the accompanying iOS and Android app, users can take photos of the room and the decorative items they want to display, and create a virtual mock-up using their smartphone.

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Here’s an in-depth breakdown of how it works — first, open the app and take a picture of the room you want to transform and the objects you want to include. Next, ditch the traditional measuring tape and use Cubit to measure the room and objects. Cubit can take the dimensions of pretty much anything, including a table, sofa, rug or TV.

With its laser and smart wheel measurement sensors, Cubit can be placed along any edge, corner or irregularly shaped object and accurately determine the area’s dimensions. To ensure accuracy, the smart device is equipped with a built-in levelling sensor. While taking your measurements, Cubit will instantly capture and store an object’s data wirelessly to your smartphone.

Now the fun part happens — the pictures and dimensions will be accessible through the app, allowing you to have an accurately scaled design of your room. With its drag and drop feature, you can place objects anywhere in the room and Cubit will evenly center them throughout the space.

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Once you’ve finalized your design, Cubit helps you take it from virtual to reality. Starting from the corner of your room, Cubit uses a laser arrow to guide you to that perfect spot. Once you’ve hit it, Cubit will display a bullseye to let you know that’s it’s safe to begin hammering away.

The smart device has a central LCD screen that displays all the necessary information you’ll need to bring your design to life. You can also set the measurements to the imperial or metric system.

So far, Cubit has raised roughly $6,400 USD of its $30,000 USD goal. The smart tool costs $49 USD and the first shipment is slated for November 2017.

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