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While some Seattleites are paying $750 a month to squeeze into a 130 square foot studio with a toilet in the same room as your bed, others are living large on palatial estates. The price of land is expensive in Seattle, and developers are unlikely to build new massive single-family homes in a market that favors mixed-use luxury condominiums. But some large homes remain. Here are five homes for sale in Seattle that offer more than 5,000 square feet of sumptuous living space.

1230 NW 121st St, Seattle – 9,690 square feet

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With six bedrooms and eight bathrooms(?), this mansion on Puget Sound offers plenty of room to stretch your legs. Residents of this home enjoy a heated rooftop game room, a movie theater and a swimming pool, in addition to spectacular views and a four-car garage. When your living quarters are this luxurious, there’s really no place like home. A perfect use of that $2.95 million socked away under the bed!

1701 Bigelow Ave N, Seattle – 7,750 square feet

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This Queen Anne home is super spacious with lots of room for activities. Sweat it out in the sauna, pogo stick under the high ceilings, or ride the elevator just for fun. For $5.5 million, enjoy running through the five beds and five baths to your heart’s content.

814 E Highland Dr, Seattle – 11,000 square feet

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With an eye-popping price tag of $15 million, this mega house has been on the market for about a year. Originally commissioned in 1910, the mansion has many modern updates, including two fireplaces and a built-in spa. Get lost forever in its gigantic interior.

5659 42nd Ave W, Seattle – 7,130 square feet

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Though the home itself is (only) 7,130 square feet, the whole lot is 13,640 square feet with 125 feet of high-bank waterfront. Expansive windows feature sunrise views over the Cascade mountains. Spend all day in each of the six bathrooms, or wander outside and play long distance corn hole on the deck.

3035 Perkins Ln W, Seattle – 7,610 square feet

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Featuring a library that rivals Beauty and the Beast, a theater and classy bar, you’ll never have to leave the house for entertainment. Boasting Venetian plaster, gold leaf ceilings, flamed granite and polished marble, this spacious Seattle mansion has all the trimmings of a $7.45 million home.

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