Say ‘so long’ to clutter.

1. Build or buy a loft bed to squeeze more function out of your sleeping space.

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2. Hang your hats to add instant character to a blank wall.

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3. Use wooden crates to organize shoes and boots.

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4. Or use curtain rods to display your high heel collection.

Photo: onclosetnine/Instagram

5. Opt for a nightstand with plenty of drawer space.

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6. Hang a garment rod from the ceiling.

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7. Place pretty storage baskets underneath a bedroom bench.

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8. Install a countertop over two dressers to create a makeup vanity.

Photo: johnlewisofhungerford/Instagram

9. Prevent tangles by hanging your jewelry in a wall-mounted box.

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10. Install floating shelves in awkward corners.

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11. If you’re short on closet space, buy a cheap bookcase (like this one from IKEA) for backup.

Photo: racheljames__/Instagram

12. Mount a pegboard organizer to your wall to hang a variety of objects.

Photo: organizerjanet/Instagram

13. Put your bed on risers to increase the amount of storage.

Photo: taylorflanery/Instagram

14. Make use of your window sills.

Photo: bedroomdecoration/Instagram

15. Add a ladder to keep decorative throws off the ground.

Photo: ourlittleredbrickhome/Instagram

16. Choose sconces or chandeliers to free up floor space.

Photo: Tumblr

17. And finally, put your junk in a trunk at the foot of your bed.

Photo: jacimariesmith/Instagram

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