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The Rincon Hill neighborhood, along with South Beach and parts of the Transbay District, are set to get a rebrand. The area will now be known by the much hipper moniker, the “East Cut.” The name has been aggressively pushed by local nonprofit, the Greater Rincon Hill Community Benefit District, now renamed the East Cut Community Benefit District.

The organization’s reasoning is simple: Rincon Hill has historically received a bad rap for being rife with crime and peppered with unbecoming industrial warehouses. But with the influx of tech companies and employees, the neighborhood has seen drastic changes, enough so that a call for a new identity has been answered.

So how did they decide on the much more sleek the East Cut? “The process to get to the East Cut name was thoughtful, and involved community and public board meetings, walking tours of the district, surveying people in the neighborhood about what they called the neighborhood, and many one-on-one conversations with residents, merchants, and, yes, developers,” Andrew Robinson, executive director of the East Cut nonprofit, tells Curbed.

The established 501(c)(3) organization is comprised of area property owners and “other stakeholders” who have a serious financial motivation to push the rebrand. A ticker on the organization’s website tracks data related to improvements made to the area, including “instances of graffiti removed” and “calls for homeless outreach assistance.” The organization is funded by tax assessments on property owners, with $68,000 of this year’s $2.5 million budget going directly towards the rebrand.

But not everyone is convinced that the rebrand is required. “I don’t know why they want to rebrand Rincon Hill, which is real and historic and accurate,” neighborhood resident Lauri Mashoian tells the San Francisco Chronicle. “Simple is better. If you have to explain something, maybe it’s not right.”

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