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When it comes to extravagant real estate prices in San Francisco it’s tough to still feel sticker shock. But at $40 million, 2712 Broadway most recently topped the list for the most expensive townhouse listing in the city. Previously, we’ve reported on the most expensive condos and penthouses listed in San Francisco, such as this $49 million condo in Lumina as well as a $42 million penthouse at the 181 Fremont tower, both of which are still on the market.

Located in the posh Pacific Heights neighborhood on the famous “Billionaire’s Row,” the new owners now live next to Oracle’s Larry Ellison and high-society philanthropists Ann and Gordon Getty. Touted as a “modern masterpiece” by SF Gate, it was developed in 2009 on spec by Bill Campbell of Marble Management for $7.8 million without having a specific buyer in mind.

“You definitely feel a connection to the outside in a way you don’t in many homes. It feels like the Bay is laid out in front of you both day and night,” Campbell tells SF Gate. And, according to Sotheby’s, “the future is architected into [its] bones.”

The 11,400-square-foot property has seven bedrooms and eight-and-a-half bathrooms. The interior features a gorgeous spiral staircase, two wine rooms, a fifth floor observation deck and a spa with a gym and massage room all designed by Tom Taylor and Handel Architects. Floor-to-ceiling windows deliver panoramic views of San Francisco.

According to SF Curbed, the exact amount the home sold for has not been disclosed by Sotheby’s, though the sellers claim there was a “bidding war” for the property.

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San Francisco Townhouse

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