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Solo travellers planning on hitting the slopes next year may want to consider this accommodation spot before bunking with others at a hostel or dipping into their savings for a four-star hotel.

The Pangea Pod Hotel is coming to Whistler, BC in 2018 and looks to fill the ski destination’s lodging void between the inexpensive hostel and pricey hotel. Located in the centre of the pedestrian-only Village, Pangea was created for the young 20- to 30-something solo travellers who want to be in a prime spot without breaking the bank.


Photo: Pangea

These are active people, they’re coming to Whistler to ride or to ski in the winter, to bike in the summer and they want something nice but they’re trying to preserve their bullets, their dollars for experiences,” Pangea co-founder Russell Kling tells BuzzBuzzNews.

Instead of bunking with random strangers at a hostel, Pangea has 88 private sleeping pods, ideal for solo-travellers. The pod hotel is split into suites which house the self-enclosed private units that are complete with luxury finishes, intended to create a hotel-feel. Each pod has a memory-foam double mattress, quality linens, multiple charging outlets, LED lights and an integrated fan. As travellers are constantly on the go, the pods also include a storage area for luggage, hooks and hangers and a lockable cabinet for valuables.


Photo: Pangea

Probably one of the worst aspects of staying in a hostel is waiting for an available bathroom. Pangea has a solution to this “bathroom situation.” By breaking down the typical restroom into four individually accessible components, people can use each unit to either take a shower, use the loo, use a vanity or change.

With more than 60 of these bathrooms spread out throughout Pangea’s suites, the possibility of people waiting around in their towels is greatly reduced.

“We hope that the fact that they’re in your suite and there’s so many of them, so you never wait in line for one, means that they feel private and I think that’s a massive experiential difference to the hostel,” says Kling.


Photo: Pangea

For those who enjoy the random interactions a hostel provides, Pangea does try to create a communal hub for travellers to meet.

Gathering spots include the living room, which has expansive glass panels overlooking the village, and on the patio where Pangea’s rooftop bar is located.

“What a lot of people love about staying in hostels is the social vibe,” says Kling. “If you’re a single or solo traveller, that you get to meet other people and that’s really going to be a key aspect of the property, it’s something we’re going to look to preserve.”

Designed for active travellers, Pangea also includes “The Toy Box,” a secure storage spot for skis, snowboards and mountain bikes.

Pangea is slated to open its doors in April next year and Kling says the goal is to expand globally. As for the going rate to spend a night, the price is not determined yet but will be between the price of a hostel and a three-star hotel in town.

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