Photo: Google/Hayes Davidson 

Tech giant Google is set to have its first wholly owned and designed headquarters outside of the United States in London, and it’s going to look characteristically slick thanks to Danish architect Bjarke Ingels.

This week Google revealed a first look at its planned office in London’s King’s Cross area. Envisioned by the Copenhagen and New York-based architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Heatherwick Studio, the 11-storey building will be more than one million square feet and lay parallel to the platforms at London’s King’s Cross railway station. Characterized as a “landscaper,” the completed building will be longer than London’s 95-storey skyscraper, The Shard, is tall.


Photo: Google/Hayes Davidson 

The jagged-looking building will be built in connection with Google’s current London office, along with a third building, to create a new Google campus at the King’s Cross. The master-planned community is expected to house 7,000 employees and will include an indoor basketball court, gymnasiums, a swimming pool and a rooftop garden split over multiple storeys. Employees will also be able to feast at four cafes, along with dining in a promenade that has views of the train station.

The expansive building includes ceiling to floor windows and is described as featuring a ‘natural’ theme. Employees will be able to easily connect across multiple floors, with workspaces located between the terraced gardens on the roof, along with gathering areas in the halls, auditoriums and shops on the ground floor.


Photo: Google/Hayes Davidson 

With an emphasis on sustainability, all building materials used will be sourced through Google’s healthy materials program. Solar panels will be located on the roof along with motorised timber blinds on the outside of the building to keep direct sunlight away. To encourage an active lifestyle, the new campus will have storage for 686 bikes and only four car parking lots.

Google’s new headquarters is slated to begin construction in 2018.

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