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Before he was executed in 1989, Ted Bundy confessed to 30 homicides committed in seven states between 1974 and 1978. The true victim count remains unknown. But before his years of treachery and violence, Bundy was a nine year-old child living in a four bedroom house in Tacoma, Washington with his mother, stepfather and four half-siblings.

David Truong bought the 1,400 square foot home last September with plans to renovate and flip it. But he had no idea of the local lore surrounding the property or that Ted Bundy’s family had lived there, reports the News Tribune.

Before beginning work on the home, contractor Casey Clopton visited the property with his 11-year-old daughter. Though neither knew anything about the home’s history, Clopton told the News Tribune that his daughter felt so scared that she refused to be left alone and they had to leave quickly after arriving.

When Clopton brought his crew, he first dismissed the creepy unexplained activity happening around the house as silly pranks by his workers. But then they kept happening.

One time, Clopton and his crew locked all the doors in the house after work, but when they returned, every door and every cabinet in the home was open. In another freaky instance, the word “Leave” was found written in sheetrock dust on a bedroom floor with no footprints around it.

As workers repaired the flooded basement, they spotted the words “Help me” written on the glass window. Clopton explained to the News Tribune that a screwed-on screen protector would have made it difficult for someone outside to write it. While the crew was working downstairs, a heavy dresser inset in the upstairs hallway wall pulled itself out and landed face-down on the floor. Workers swore it was too heavy to have just fallen like that on it’s own.


When Clopton started asking the neighbors if the house had any kind of haunted history, they informed him that it was the childhood home of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy.

To rid the home of bad Bundy juju, Clopton brought over a Puyallup pastor to bless the home. The workers pencilled Bible verses on the walls and played Christian music as they completed the renovations.

According to the News Tribune, it is unclear if the people who bought the house are aware of the Bundy baggage. But with a new bright yellow door, a fresh coat of paint, and renovated floors and ceilings, it’s hardly the same home.

From the Green River Killer to Robert Yates, the Pacific Northwest seems to have quite a legacy of serial murderers. Almost as profound as our legacy of serial knitters.

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