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Last September, BuzzBuzzNews reported on the proposal of California Senate Bill 1413, which allows school districts to lease property for the development of teacher housing. Backed by Mayor Ed Lee, the lack of sufficient affordable housing for teachers in San Francisco has been a painstaking issue fraught with delays. Thankfully, it’s now being addressed. Mayor Ed Lee has moved forward quickly, committing $44 million of city money and choosing a property site.

Lee is promising to build 130 to 150 rental units at the Francis Scott Key Annex, located at 1360 43rd Ave in the Outer Sunset. The site is currently dilapidated, with litter strewn inside and outside of an administrative building that is mostly used for storage. The plan is to demolish the structure and start fresh. The school district will own the land, and the developer will own the building, which they will then lease from the school district.

The apartments are expected to be move-in ready by 2022 at the earliest, and the school district is already scouting for a developer. Until that’s accomplished, they’ll need further support from the city, including the buy-in of the school district and a ‘yes’ vote from the Board of Education.

Despite the latest Zumper report, which indicates San Francisco rental prices have hit a plateau, rent in the city is still the highest in the nation. The $44 million allocation swiftly follows the San Francisco Chronicle’s profile on Etoria Cheeks, a homeless public high school teacher with an annual salary of $65,0000.

“I am disturbed as anyone to have a teacher who’s homeless,” Mayor Ed Lee has confessed. “We have an immediate problem right now.”

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