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If you rent in Seattle, we don’t have to tell you that finding a reasonably priced apartment is a herculean task. But we’ll share the data anyway to backup your anecdotal evidence. According to the latest Zumper National Rent Report, the median price of one-bedroom units in Seattle grew 2.2 percent in April to $1,850, while two-bedroom units jumped 2.1 percent to $2,450.

Seattle beat out Honolulu and Miami to rank as the 8th most expensive city in the nation. Overall, the national data showed that one bedroom median rent increased slightly by 0.5 percent to $1,169, while two bedroom median rent increased 1 percent to $1,390.


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The next few months may bring warmer weather, but they’ll also bring an even more competitive market. “As we head into peak moving season, renters will be up against a higher apartment turnover rate,” said Zumper CEO Anthemos Georgiades.

But not all is lost. Perhaps, Seattle’s new renters commission will truly give renters a seat at the table. The Seattle City Council unanimously voted to establish the Seattle Renters’ Commission in March 2017. The 15-member, volunteer commission will advise the City Council on issues surrounding housing, transportation, and anything else related to neighborhoods, affordability, and life in Seattle.

The selection process for the renters commission is currently underway. Applications were submitted on May 1st and the final confirmation vote is tentatively set for June 26th, 2017. According to the Seattle City Council website, “appointments will be made to ensure that varied renter perspectives are represented, including renters from historically underrepresented groups, such as low income renters, LGBTQ renters, immigrant renters, renters with felony records, those paying rent with assistance, and renters who have experienced homelessness.”

Locals are hopeful that the commission will make a real impact, but if it doesn’t, there’s always Sheveport, Lousiana where a one bedroom rents for $570 per month. You may miss the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Seattle, but Sheveport boasts a magical indoor trampoline park, a gumbo gladiator battle, and even a chimp haven!

Rent your heart out, Seattle.

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