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There’s now a piece of furniture in the market that will help you manage all of your smart home technology devices and controls from the comfort of your bedroom.

The Curvilux is a smart nightstand that has a minimalist design but is packed with convenient technology to simplify your connected lifestyle. Launched on crowdfunding site Indiegogo by a team in New York in April 2016, the multifunctional piece of furniture charges your devices, sports bluetooth compatibility with a stereo audio system and has an alarm that wakes you up with a pleasant glow.

The 11 pound smart nightstand is like a one-stop area for all your essential smart home technology needs. The compact table is equipped with a wireless charging area, perfect for those who despise having charging cords all around their room. The nightstand also consists of two USB ports and a digital drawer lock to keep your personal items secure.


Photo: Curvilux/Facebook

Using the Curvilux app, the handy table can be synced with other smart technologies in your home, including room lights, smart thermostats and smart doorbells, making for an easy control hub. With Curvilux, you also don’t have to worry about stubbing your toes at night while navigating to the bathroom, as the stand is equipped with a motion activated smart night light.

Instead of using a traditional alarm clock, the Curvilux replaces the annoying buzzer with a sunrise mode alarm that peacefully wakes you up with a calming glow. The nightstand also has sleeping cycle recognition, which recommends the best moments to fall asleep and wake up based on your sleeping habits.

After a month of being on Indiegogo, the Curvilux surpassed its goal raising $67,429 USD and the first shipment is expected to roll out on May, 15th. The retail price of the Curvilux starts at $249 USD.

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