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The online listing for the brick bungalow at 222 Chatham Street in Brantford, Ontario starts off innocently enough: “Cozy and gently lived in. Meticulously maintained. Detached cedar garage and shed with lots of parking and well kept lawn. Same owners for over 30 years!”

But upon flipping through the photo gallery, the listing takes a nightmarish turn. The 748 square foot, two-bedroom bungalow is literally crawling with clown memorabilia. Dolls, statues, plushies and figurines are crammed into display cases, seated on tiny chairs, and covering every imaginable surface. Clown-themed artwork adorns the walls, and the master bedroom features colorful clown wallpaper.





In fact, the clown motif extends to every room of the house. There is a child-size clown perched in the corner of the dining room, peering out through a mask of makeup. The guest bedroom is more of a shrine to Ronald McDonald than additional sleeping quarters, with collectible cups and small trinkets blanketing the dresser.

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*Jest* when you thought the home tour couldn’t get any creepier, it does. The wood-paneled basement features a floating, wrap-around shelf that is lined with clown dolls and string puppets. Even the baseboard heaters are dotted with toys — a melting, clown-face disaster just waiting to happen.



Is this an elaborate marketing stunt to promote Stephen King’s forthcoming IT movie? Probably not, but we’re willing to bet the agent is going to have a tough time peddling this property to any coulrophobes.

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