Photo: MOVISI modular furniture

If you have a knack for interior design and are constantly rearranging your furniture, there’s now a new concept which provides endless opportunities for interior transformation.

Launched on crowdfunding site Indiegogo this week, GROW! is a super flexible furniture system that can be morphed into almost any design your heart desires. GROW!, which was designed by German company MOVISI modular furniture, allows users to build upon blocks, creating a variety of configurations, including shelving, seating and partition walls.

The lightweight modular system is designed with three components  — the main module, connectors and the lid/back piece. To create furniture, users simply press connectors into the main modules. From there, they can build numerous connecting blocks, forming the furniture design of their choice. Users can also transform their furniture into three-dimensional shapes, creating modern furniture effortlessly.

Unlike the common struggle of building IKEA furniture, GROW! appears to be user-friendly and no tools are required. Modules come in black and white, and are made from a sturdy and recyclable plastic foam.


Photo: MOVISI modular furniture

GROW! allows users to be versatile with their interior designs, as the modules can be mounted onto walls to create floating shelves, or left freestanding as a bookshelf or partition wall. GROW! also grants users the ability to extend their furniture by adding extra modules. Adding to your rare book collection? Simply create a longer or larger bookshelf.

Only four days into its campaign on Indiegogo, GROW! has raised around $15,715 USD. The first shipment of GROW! is scheduled for the beginning of 2018.

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