Picture this — your in-laws have just called to tell you they’ve booked a last-minute trip to your city. Your 400 square foot condo doesn’t have a den, let alone a second bedroom, but there’s a well-furnished guest suite on the third floor. What do you do?

In most condo buildings, booking an amenity space requires a chequebook, multiple forms and the help of your concierge. This may result in several elevator trips and a mission to track down your friendly concierge Maurice, who’s helpful, but never seems to be at his desk.

Evercondo simplifies this process through web and mobile condo management software, bringing condo managers, board members, front desk, security, owners and tenants together on a single platform.

The Toronto-based company provides a professionally-designed modern web portal for your condominium, where owners and tenants can book (and pay for) amenity areas, submit maintenance requests and download files. Important announcements from management can be dispatched via email, SMS, mobile app notification and automated voice calls.


Perhaps unfairly, condos are often labeled as unwelcoming. Fostering a sense of community can be challenging when you live in a building with 1,000 neighbours. Events and activities bring people together, and utilizing Evercondo’s platform can lead to bigger turnouts. Need to spread the word about an upcoming wine tasting event? Not everyone reads the mail room cork board, but they likely check their smartphones several times per day.

Board members, who juggle work, family life and regular community meetings, will appreciate Evercondo’s online board approval feature, which makes it easy to approve documents and payments. This is great news for anyone who has ever endured a drawn-out game of phone tag when planning a board vote. Similarly, management can utilize the platform’s centralized community inbox to communicate with residents; organizing emails and voicemail recordings in a single, secure location.

Property managers deal with a lot of requests and complaints from residents — everything from storage locker break-ins to burnt out hallway lights. With Evercondo, managers can accept, respond, assign and resolve maintenance requests at the click of a mouse. Plus, residents can track the status of their request and receive automatic notifications every step of the way.


Keeping track of visitor parking can be a major headache for concierge and management staff, especially during busy weekends and holidays. Evercondo allows users to easily and quickly capture visitor information, vehicle description and print out parking permits. Other concierge-related tasks, such as filing incident reports and package management, are also streamlined through the Evercondo platform — tackling the growing pile of Amazon boxes in the parcel room has never been easier.

Evercondo provides all the tools board members, residents, managers and staff members need to get on the same page and better their community. While spending the weekend with your in-laws may be a trying experience, booking them a guest suite doesn’t have to be.

For more information on Evercondo, visit Evercondo.com.

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