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If an annoying buzzer doesn’t get you out of bed, perhaps vibrations will do the trick. Chinese-based company Homtime has created C2, an innovative alarm clock complete with a wireless bed shaker to help you get your day started.

The 4-in-1 alarm clock launched on crowdfunding site Kickstarter in April, and is the company’s second attempt at making a new and improved device. In addition to the bedside essentials included in the simplistically designed clock, C2’s wireless bed shaker will send gentle vibrations to wake you up.

Users can simply place C2’s small circular disk on their bed and when it’s time to wake up, the alarm will send a wireless signal to the disc prompting a silent vibration. Compatible for couples, C2 can be placed on one side of the bed and won’t disturb others when activated.


Photo: C2/Kickstarter

Traditional methods of holding down a button to set an alarm are gone with C2, as users can easily turn its rotary dial to the desired wake up time and press a button to set it. Late sleepers will be pleased to know that C2 also comes with a snooze button.

The alarm clock can easily sync with an iPhone to accurately display the time. Equipped with a jumbo-display screen, the LCD time display has multiple brightness levels that automatically adjust depending on light conditions.

Users can get their day started listening to their favourite tunes by streaming music from their phone and playing it through C2’s internal speaker. With two USB ports, users can also conveniently charge their devices all from one spot.


Photo: C2/Kickstarter

For safe navigation around your room in the dark, C2 includes a unique nightlight function which provides a soft glow that won’t surprise your tired eyes. With a wave of the hand, users can turn the nightlight on and off thanks to a gesture-controlled sensor over C2’s top button.

The alarm clock has 26 days left in its campaign and so far, has raised $33,355 USD. Prices start at $44 and the first shipment of C2 is scheduled for September.

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