All in all you’re just another brick in the wall…

1. This Boston penthouse with a painted white brick feature wall.

white brick-compressed

Photo: Reddit

2. This gorgeously weathered brick that envelops a converted Gas Regulating House in North Melbourne.

kitchen-compressed (2)

Photo: imgur

3. This whimsical New York City loft with a wall of books set against red brick.

nyc loft-compressed

Photo: imgur

4. This intricately patterned brickwork in a Da Nang, Vietnam residence.

piano room-compressed

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5. This jaw-dropping penthouse kitchen in a converted bank in Charleston, South Carolina.

old bank-compressed

Photo: Reddit

6. This railroad-style apartment in Brooklyn with 20 foot high ceilings and original brick walls.


Photo: imgur

7. This duplex kitchen in Gothenburg, Sweden with a brick backsplash and matching island.

swedish kitchen-compressed

Photo: imgur

8. This whitewashed brick bedroom located in a former Melbourne factory.

white brick bedroom-compressed

Photo: imgur

9. This warm combination of exposed brick and wood beams in a Soho loft.

exposed beams-compressed

Photo: imgur

10. This master bathroom that is the epitome of shabby chic.

bathroom-compressed (1)

Photo: imgur

11. This classically-designed living room in a prewar apartment on New York’s Upper East Side.

prewar apt-compressed

Photo: Reddit

12. This cozy bedroom with a contrasting color palette.


Photo: imgur

13. This brick-and-beam Toronto loft with expansive windows.

toronto loft-compressed

Photo: imgur

14. This interesting mix of exposed brick and reclaimed barn wood in a Chicago loft.

brick and barn wood-compressed

Photo: imgur

15. This glamorous Madison Avenue bedroom with not one, but *two* chandeliers.

nyc bedroom-compressed

Photo: imgur

16. This incredible vaulted brick ceiling in a Spanish home that dates back to 1900.


Photo: imgur

17. This artfully chipped brick in a converted warehouse apartment in Sydney.


Photo: imgur

18. This former Consolidated Edison power station that’s now a five-storey townhome with a swanky indoor pool.


Photo: imgur

19. And finally, this loft apartment in Rio de Janeiro with brilliant uplighting.

bedroom light-compressed

Photo: imgur

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