1. This elongated swimming pool surrounded by stone pavers.


Photo: juliahengel/Instagram

2. This green oasis with its own private cabana.


Photo: tumblr

3. This small concrete wading pool with a built-in bench.


Photo: tumblr

4. This sunken plunge pool that’s ideal for lounging.


Photo: tumblr

5. This boho-inspired backyard framed by palm trees.


Photo: tumblr

6. This jaw-dropping infinity pool with a view of the ocean.


Photo: Pinterest

7. This dark-bottom pool with bamboo for added privacy.


Photo: nathanburkettdesign/Instagram

8. This incredibly luxe Palm Beach pool with a fountain feature.


Photo: lauraslatkin/Instagram

9. This seaside spot that’s perfect for a late-night pool party.

seaside pool-compressed

Photo: tumblr

10. This artfully-designed above ground pool.

above ground-compressed

Photo: tumblr

11. This elegant swimming pool and hot tub combination.


Photo: tumblr

12. This plunge pool with an adjacent outdoor shower.

outdoor shower-compressed

Photo: tumblr

13. This stock tank pool that’s great for cooling off on scorching summer days.

tank pool

Photo: the_brick_house/Instagram

14. This brilliant “swimming pond” with a swing.


Photo: Pinterest

15. This lap pool that’s good for a workout or a hangout.

lap pool

Photo: myarchitectures/Instagram

16. This absolutely dreamy swimming hole in Palm Springs.

round pool-compressed

Photo: tumblr

17. And finally, this tranquil beach entry pool with a swim-up bar.

beach entry

Photo: drc_pools/Instagram

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