If you’ve ever spent an entire weekend binge-watching The Property Brothers (honestly, who hasn’t?!), you’ve likely seen Drew and Jonathan Scott hand their clients a tablet with interactive renderings of their proposed renovations. The homebuyers are always blown away, oohing and ahhing at the previously unforeseen potential of their extreme fixer-upper. The technology isn’t TV magic, in fact, virtual decorating is available to developers, purchasers and interior designers.

The Interactive Abode, a Toronto-based company founded in 2013, has become a major player in the digital design market. Their online platform allows new home and condo purchasers to make their colour selections prior to their decor center appointment. In addition to improving customer satisfaction, the software, known as the Online Design Studio, helps developers sell more upgrades and track the shopping behaviours of their customers. Want to know more? Scroll on for five ways homebuilders are using The Interactive Abode to get results.

1. They’re using the Online Design Studio to enhance their existing decor center

Purchasers are able to do their research and create renderings from the comfort of their home to make better informed decisions during their in-person appointments. Plus, they can easily share their creations with friends and family via email or social media. “Our Online Design Studio software takes the purchaser’s floorplan and the finishes available to them, and allows them to begin their appointment online,” explains TIA co-founder Jenna Zaza. “Buyers feel a lot less anxious going into the decor studio to make their colour selections because they’ve already tried everything on at home! They’re able to show friends and family the finished product and get feedback from them. In the end, buyers feel happy and confident about their selections.”


2. They’re going all in

Builders are using the Online Design Studio to allow purchasers to make all of their selections online. The program is great for investor-based projects because it’s available in multiple languages. There’s no need to visit a physical decor center, unless, of course, you want to see and feel the materials before you make a final decision. “Our software saves builders hundreds of hours of admin and appointment time, allowing buyers to make selections from the comfort of their home and see their decisions come to life through virtual decorating,” says Zaza.

3. They’re using the Online Design Studio to sell more upgrades

Buyers are more inclined to purchase upgrades when they can see what a difference it will make to their space. They can shop and pay for these upgrades online, and then digitally sign the agreement sheet. “Purchasers are smarter than ever,” affirms Zaza. “Watching HGTV and shopping on Houzz, purchasers not only know this technology is available, but expect it when it comes time to decorate their new home or condo.”


4. They’re using the Online Design Studio to assist interior designers

Allowing designers to view client selections before their appointment creates a more personalized experience, and lessens the amount of time spent in the decor center. “Purchasers are more educated and better prepared for their appointment, which is a huge help. Plus, they can go home and finalize selections giving them more time to decide,” says Zaza.


5. They’re using the Online Design Studio to track analytics

Homebuilders can track purchaser’s selection patterns and trends. Are granite countertops a must-have or is quartz surpassing it in popularity? The software can also compile construction reports, feeding information about the material selections directly to the trades. “We’re design studio experts!” added Zaza.

To schedule a demo, contact Jenna Zaza at jenna@theinteractiveabode.com or call 416 420 9576. For more information about The Interactive Abode, please visit theinteractiveabode.com.

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