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Whoever the owners of 81 22nd Avenue are, they sure know how to write a listing. But the listing in question isn’t for the whole property, or even an in-law or cottage nestled in the backyard. Instead, it’s for their (admittedly spacious) 7,200 square foot driveway. The price tag? A steep $35,000.

A block away from Lobos Creek and the Presidio Park, spitting distance from the Pacific Ocean, and just north of the Richmond District, it’s an out-of-the-way locale that would require a car to get to.

Whoever snatches up this small parcel of land will need to pay homeowner association dues, as well as property taxes. The sale will be cash only and building on the lot is not permitted. If selling off a driveway seems like an interesting opportunity for current San Francisco homeowners, be forewarned that it will depreciate the home’s value.

“I would never advise my clients to sell their parking space,” said Alex Clark, a real estate agent at Paragon, in an interview with SFGate.

The listing description on Redfin reads like a tongue-in-cheek local ready to capitalize off of the tech boom and skyrocketing real estate:

“You can impress friends that you own real estate in San Francisco. Makes a great engagement present. [The buyer] can try to sub-divide it when they get divorced. … Air rights: You’ll own the air above. This way, you can blackmail the US Navy to pay you a fee to fly over your air space for Fleet Week.”

On the market as of April 1st (but apparently not an April Fool’s prank), it will be a ride to see who will pay the elevated price for the luxury of guaranteed parking.

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