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It’s not always easy having plants. They require enough TLC to grow and flourish in your home or else you’re stuck with dead leaves littering your floor. But with the help of a smart pot, or SPOT, your days of guesstimating watering times are over.

SPOT was created by Rami Sakr and Talah Hassounah and launched April 4th on crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

In an effort to maintain optimal growing conditions, SPOT is built with sensors throughout to determine when a plant is thirsty, cold or lacking light. The most compelling  feature of the smart pot is the ability to view timelapses of your plant’s progress through an internal camera. You can also personalize SPOT, as custom design options are available.

Your plant’s soil moisture, temperature, humidity and light are all tracked and can be viewed on SPOT’s mobile app at your convenience. The app tells you when your plant needs to be watered and can also diagnose if your plant has any issues impeding its growth.

With SPOT you no longer need to resort to traditional watering methods. It has three modes of operation to suit your watering preferences. Smart watering does all the work for you by using an algorithm based on your plant type and needs to calculate optimal watering times. Scheduled watering feeds your plant based on watering times you set while manual watering sends you alerts to feed your plant and with one click of a button you can do just that.

So far, SPOT has raised over $1,400 on Indiegogo and has a month left in its campaign. The first shipment of SPOT is anticipated for late this year or early 2018. The retail price has yet to be announced.

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