Earlier this month the Salesforce Tower celebrated its topping-off ceremony, solidifying it as the tallest building in all of San Francisco. This ends the Transamerica Pyramid’s 45 year reign, and drastically changes the city’s skyline.

In commemoration, here are the 10 tallest buildings in San Francisco as of right now, complete with interesting facts about each structure.

1. Salesforce Tower


Photo: salesforcetower.com

Height: 1,070 ft.

Year Built: 2017

Location: 415 Mission Street

Interesting Fact: At $1.1 billion, the Salesforce Tower is the most expensive building in all of San Francisco.

2. Transamerica Pyramid


Photo: Sonny Abesamis/Flickr

Height: 853 ft.

Year Built: 1972

Location: 600 Montgomery Street

Interesting Fact: Opposition against the Transamerica Pyramid led to the nickname “Pereira’s Prick,” named after the architect responsible, William Pereira.

3. 181 Fremont

181 fremont-compressed

Photo: 181fremont.com

Height: 802 ft.

Year Built: 2017

Interesting Fact: Unlike the Millennium Tower, 181 Fremont boasts structural soundness. The building is steadied by caissons that descend 260 feet to bedrock.

4. 555 California Street

555 california street-compressed

Photo: David Jones/Flickr

Height: 779 ft.

Year Built: 1969

Interesting Fact: Thirty percent of the building’s interest is still owned by President Trump.

5. 345 California Center


Photo: Goodshoped35110s/Wikimedia

Height: 695 ft.

Year Built: 1986

Interesting Fact: Last year, Forbes declared the Loews Regency San Francisco, located at 345 California Center, the best view in the city.

6. Millennium Tower

millenium tower-compressed

Photo: Daniel Ramirez/Flickr

Height: 645 ft.

Year Built: 2009

Location: 301 Mission Street

Interesting Fact: The Millennium Tower developers, engineers, and architects are currently embroiled in a $200 million lawsuit from homeowners who allege the building’s leaning and sinking foundation has caused their property values to plummet.

7. One Rincon Hill South Tower


Photo: onerinconsf.com

Height: 641 ft.

Year Built: 2008

Location: 425 1st Street

Interesting Fact: Thanks to the notorious hills of San Francisco, the tower’s entrance is actually the sixth floor, with five floors underground.

8. 50 Fremont Center


Photo: Eric in SF/Wikimedia

Height: 600 ft.

Year Built: 1985

Location: 50 Fremont Street

Interesting Fact: 50 Fremont Center is owned by Salesforce.

9. 101 California Street

101 california-compressed

Photo: 101california.com

Height: 600 ft.

Year Built: 1982

Interesting Fact: A mass shooting occurred here in 1993 when Gian Luigi Ferri killed eight people and injured six.

10. Market Center

market st-compressed (1)

Photo: Minesweeper/Wikimedia

Height: 573 ft.

Year Built: 1975

Location: 555-557 Market Street

Interesting Fact: Market Center was formerly known as the Chevron Towers before Chevron moved its headquarters to San Ramon.

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