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“More than a place to live, this is a way to live,” reads the tagline splashed across the Millennium Tower San Francisco website. But the way to live for current condo owners isn’t satisfactory according to the $200 million lawsuit they recently filed against those involved with the construction of the 58-story leaning and sinking highrise.

The civil suit alleges negligent and fraudulent misrepresentations, breach of fiduciary duty and calls for a jury trial. Defendants include the developer, Millennium Partner, plus Webcor, Handel Architects, Treadwell & Rollo, Langan, DeSimone Consulting Engineers, Arup, and Transbay Joint Powers Authority. If the condo owners win the suit, the $200 million will go towards repairs.

“Our goal is to recover all the funds that are necessary to fix this building and fix it once and for all, and we’re not interested in a temporary fix. We want a permanent fix,” Homeowners Association Attorney Daniel Petrocelli told KRON 4. At this time, their homes in the sky have sunk 16 inches and are tilting 12 inches at the penthouse level.

This lawsuit comes only a little over a month after new testimony emerged from Jack Moehle, the contractor who conducted an independent peer review of the building design, who stated that he was never instructed to check the soil’s friction.

Millennium Tower’s homepage concludes with an ironic twist: “Inspired by the very essence of San Francisco, in form and in function, this is an address like no other.”

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