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The next time you want to see your long-distance partner or catch up with parents abroad, instead of FaceTime, there’s now a way to get more of a real-life hangout with your loved ones. Launched yesterday on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, home robot Ohmni provides an enhanced method of telepresence.

Created by OhmniLabs Inc., the simplistically designed moving robot can be controlled with one click to video chat your family and friends. The machinery is meant to be easy to use. Ohmni can be placed anywhere inside your home, then users can access the robot online with a call and control its movement around the area.

Users will be able to control Ohmni online with MotionMap, a control interface that easily allows you to move the robot with your touchpad or mouse.


Photo: OhmniLabs/Indiegogo

While it may sound a little invasive that users could video chat you whenever they please, you don’t have to worry about surprise visits, as Ohmni does announce a caller’s arrival.

Built to amplify human presence, Ohmni is designed with a human height (4 feet 8 inches) and has a fluid moving neck, allowing for flexible sightseeing. The top of the robot has a HD wide-angle front camera which rests on top of a tablet, where your face will be shown to your caller. Weighing 18 pounds, Ohmni comes with a charging dock and can last up to 5 hours during a call.

On Indiegogo, Ohmni has raised $74,226 USD of its $100,000 goal and has a month left in its campaign. The first shipment of Ohmni is anticipated for October 2017. The retail price starts at $1,400 USD.

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