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If you’re a panda lover, you may want to book a trip to Denmark next year to see the impressive round panda house coming to the Copenhagen Zoo. Newly released plans for the zoo’s panda habitat have been unveiled by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). Renderings accompanying the plans show off  it’s circular shape resembling a yin and yang symbol.

The habitat, envisioned by the Copenhagen and New York-based architecture firm BIG, along with Schønherr Landscape Architects and MOE, will sit between the zoo’s existing buildings at the intersection of multiple walkways. The two-storey structure was designed with a layout ideal for mating conditions and to mimic a natural environment for the pandas.

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Photo: BIG

BIG chose the yin and yang symbol for the habitat, as the two halves represent the female and male pandas, and together they form a circular whole.

Within the habitat, there will be two separate environments for the pandas to roam in, a mist forest and a light green bamboo forest. Just like in the wild, the pandas can choose where to spend their time depending on the temperature and season.

With the pandas being the permanent residents, BIG designed the habitat with the concept that guests at the zoo will feel like visitors in the animals’ home. The enclosure is accessible from 360 degrees and is complete with a continuous ramp connecting the two floors. On the ground floor, visitors can walk through the interior and grab a snack at the restaurant, while gazing at the pandas.

When visiting the upper level, guests will have a top-view of the panda house by using the elevated walkway that leads into the bamboo forest. To ensure visitors get a direct view, the terrain will also be lifted at both ends of the yin and yang symbol.

The budget for BIG’s project is approximately $22 million USD. Construction of the panda house is scheduled for later this year and it’s anticipated to open in 2018.

Check out more photos of the panda house below:


Photo: BIG


Photo: BIG

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