You’ll be green with envy when you see these spaces.

1. A fiddle leaf fig in a woven basket is peak chic.


Photo: artifactpdx/Instagram

2. This mix of vintage glass bottles and potted cacti is purr-fect.


Photo: jt_design/Instagram

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3. Natural materials and organic elements create a serene atmosphere.

living room

Photo: ruffledsnob/Instagram

4. This renter used a curtain rod to hang macrame planters.

sunny window

Photo: createaholic/Instagram

5.  A looong vine of Devil’s Ivy frames a sunny window.


Photo: stephjalovely/Instagram

6. A shelf over the bed is far more interesting than a headboard.


Photo: branchabode/Instagram

7. This balcony container garden is bursting with color.


Photo: tropicaloco/Instagram

8. Plants boost productivity, which is why you should always integrate them into your home office.

office space

Photo: friederikchen/Instagram

9. Varying plant heights adds visual interest to a boring corner.


Photo: dariadaria_com/Instagram

10. This clever crate display is easy and affordable to replicate.


Photo: ornamentist_/Instagram

11. A piece of driftwood draws the eye upward in this dreamy bedroom.


Photo: pixiefitch/Instagram

12. A jungle-like bathroom encourages relaxation.


Photo: livebybeing/Instagram

13. This kitchen uses open shelving to show off its plant friends.

open shelving

Photo: liz_kamarul/Instagram

14. A vintage filing cabinet makes for a one-of-a-kind container garden.

file cabinet

Photo: lady_kitty_kitster/Instagram

15. This sunroom transports you to the tropics with rattan furniture and banana leaf-patterned throw pillows.

sun room

Photo: magicbabyvintage/Instagram

16. A gallery wall infuses air plants and hanging planters into its design.

gallery wall

Photo: hiltoncarter/Instagram

17. This non-working fireplace serves as the perfect plant perch.


Photo: atelierstellaceramics/Instagram

18. A welcoming entryway uses deep window sills to parade its plants.


Photo: malinbrostad/Instagram

19. Bay windows are fantastic hangout spots for humans and cacti alike.

bay window

Photo: phoebesejr/Instagram

20. This studio space takes the term “urban jungle” to another level.


Photo: studiohearhear/Instagram

21. And finally, a perfectly imperfect #shelfie is accessorized with books and plants.


Photo: createaholic/Instagram

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