Discarded water bottles and hair elastics, be gone!

1. Hang a piece of art or lean it against the wall to give your nightstand a layered look.


Photo: lindyegalloway/Instagram

2. Pick a statement lamp to brighten up your space.


Photo: storyhouse_design/Instagram

3. Try an unconventional nightstand, like this rolling cart.

rolling cart

Photo: thomasarcherhomes/Instagram

4. Use books to create height in your vignette.


Photo: fromthegroundup2015/Instagram

5. A woven wall hanging channels a 70s bohemian vibe.

wall hanging

Photo: laurel_co/Instagram

6. Succulents will survive far longer than a bouquet of fresh flowers.


Photo: lucieevans_/Instagram

7. Lacking counter space? Use a wall sconce.


Photo: nicoledavisinteriors/Instagram

8. Create “same but different” styles on either side of the bed.

same but different

Photo: amberinteriors/Instagram

9. A floating nightstand is a great space-saving solution.

floating shelf

Photo: my_full_house/Instagram

12. Swap out a digital alarm clock for something that’s quirky and vintage.

alarm clock

Photo: kategolding/Instagram

11. Pick accessories that are meaningful to you.


Photo: dabito/Instagram

12. Use a chic serving tray to group tabletop items together.


Photo: wishiwereahousewife/Instagram

13. Hide any eyesores with stylish storage baskets.

storage baskets

Photo: daniellemoss_/Instagram

14. Use a decorative catchall to collect jewelry, watches and pocket change.


Photo: camimorrone/Instagram

15. Try a shared nightstand between two twin beds.


Photo: jennasuedesign/Instagram

16. If you have trouble keeping your nightstand clutter-free, opt for a design with a deep drawer.


Photo: hbdesignhouse/Instagram

17. And finally, use the nightstand as an excuse to bring a pop of color to your bedroom.


Photo: worldsaway1/Instagram

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