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Photo: Apis Cor

“A usual house with unusual technology” reads the slogan on Apis Cor’s website. The Bay Area startup asserts that it is the “first company to develop a mobile construction 3D printer, which is capable of printing whole buildings completely on site.”

Now, there’s proof — a 400 square foot home in Russia was printed in 24 hours and cost just over $10,000. Though tiny, it holds a hallway, bathroom, living room and kitchen, and Apis Cor claims it will last up to 175 years.

The 3D-printed house was constructed in Stupino, Russia, about 60 miles south of Moscow. Temperatures dipped to -31°F while the mobile printer, which was covered by a tent, fabricated the walls. Human workers were brought in to put the finishing touches on the house, but overall the 3D printer cut labor costs by 70 percent and significantly reduced the margin of error.

The house is equipped with modern appliances from Samsung, including a curved TV that adheres to the design of the walls. There’s even a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge above the sofa — a nod to Apis Cor’s California roots.

While the architectural feat was indeed impressive, the company is now focused on growth. Apis Cor is marketing the 3D printer to commercial companies who have specific resources and assurances of quality.

Like many industries, the construction sector could soon see a shift in its labor practices. In a blog post, the company writes, “one printer can replace a whole team of construction workers, saving time without loss of quality.” The low cost and quick assembly of the structures could also lead to more affordable housing and provide shelter for those affected by natural disasters.

Check out more photos of the 3D-printed marvel below.

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Photo: Apis Cor


Photo: Apis Cor


Photo: Apis Cor

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Photo: Apis Cor

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Photo: Apis Cor

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