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Photo: Coodo

Imagine living without borders — maybe on a beach, or perhaps in a forest. You can do just that with a mobile home called Coodo.

German company LTG Lofts to go has advanced habitable living into the future with the creation of Coodo, a flexible, mobile and smart unit that can be stationed and lived in almost anywhere.


Photo: Coodo

Coodo was made with the purpose of creating a safe, practical space that connects with the natural environment around it. The unit has been designed with glass walls, offering dwellers floor-to-ceiling views of their surroundings. The heating, cooling and power systems are hidden throughout the walls of the unit for a seamless look.

The simple, yet futuristic mobile home can be placed in virtually any location — from an urban setting, to a rooftop or even the mountains. Coodo requires only a few foundation points to support itself.


Photo: Coodo

Wheels can be added onto the mobile home, allowing owners the flexibility to change up their scenery. The transportable architecture is also ideal for properties that have hard-to-obtain building permits.

Coodo isn’t simply for residential purposes, the unit could be used as a business meeting room, garden lounge or even a show room. The mobile home is also eco-friendly, as its materials, recyclability, disposal and durability have all been designed to meet international environmental standards.

For more details about Coodo visit its website here.


Photo: Coodo

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