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The Trump administration is attempting to cut the Environmental Protection Agency by 31 percent for their proposed 2018 budget. The blueprint, which was unveiled last Thursday, would slash funding for the conservation of San Francisco Bay, as well as the grant program known as the San Francisco Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund.

The government agency has been an essential tool for preserving the Bay Area for future generations. Under the proposed federal budget, the $4.8 million that previously went towards improving water quality and restoring wetlands will be reduced to almost nothing.

Jane Diamond, a Water Director for the EPA, explained in a 2015 progress report, “Over the past six years, EPA has partnered with organizations across the nine Bay Area counties through the San Francisco Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund, using more than $36 million in EPA funding to leverage $145 million in additional funds.”

Trump’s budget proposal would also eliminate $100 million worth of funding from international climate change programs and research. The administration has defended its actions, claiming these precautionary regulations are detrimental to oil drillers and coal miners. Defunding the EPA would also restrict its enforcement division, which fines corporations for pollution violations.

If approved, the 2018 budget summary says the states will be responsible for monitoring drinking water and preserving ecosystems. The budget must be approved by Congress before the start of the fiscal year on October 1, 2017, although it will likely undergo several rounds of changes before it passes.

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