Photo: Northwest MLS / Windermere Real Estate Greenwood

Built in 1914, this five bedroom home at 7512 Orin Ct N in Green Lake was originally a church. Now it is a glorious Seattle single-family home on the market for $2.8 million.


Photo: Northwest MLS / Windermere Real Estate Greenwood

Until 1996, the 5,390 square foot structure was a place of worship for many denominations of Christianity. Most recently, the Pillar of Fire Church occupied the space. We can thank the Pillar of Fire patrons for the expression “Holy Rollers.” The founder of the church, Alma White and her followers were referred to as “Holy Rollers” and “holy jumpers” because of their religious frenzy.

White was noted for her association with the Ku Klux Klan, her feminism, anti-Catholicism, antisemitism, anti-pentecostalism, racism and nativism. According to the Pillar of Fire website, “There is a fresh vision at the Pillar of Fire, a vision to return to the purposes for which Christ formed the Church: Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship, Evangelism, and Ministry. Our continuing goal is to have people re-embrace the purpose of Christ in their daily lives.”


Photo: Northwest MLS / Windermere Real Estate Greenwood

When the church was converted into a private residence, the owner kept the old bell in the bell tower, and turned the top floor into a loft with the signature soaring ceilings of a place of worship.

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Photo: Northwest MLS / Windermere Real Estate Greenwood

For those who prefer to worship in the bedroom, this house has several really nice ones. The home has five bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms spread over two floors and a basement. The lower level of the residence has four bedrooms and a separate kitchen, while the master suite on the top level provides dazzling views of the neighborhood.


Photo: Northwest MLS / Windermere Real Estate Greenwood

The property occupies almost a third of an acre on a quiet cul-de-sac, and features a large yard, two-car detached garage and studio.


Photo: Northwest MLS / Windermere Real Estate Greenwood

A chef’s kitchen, sitting areas and deck provide entertaining space for all of the new fancy friends you’ll make as an owner of this home.

Who will be #blessed with this sacred space? Could you be the chosen one?

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