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Photo: Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.

In response to the Executive Order 13766 by President Trump to expedite key energy and infrastructure projects, California Governor Jerry Brown issued a formal request to the President for the environmental review of ten “high-priority” projects. Among these ten, four will directly impact Northern California’s Bay Area and Sacramento in the Central Valley.

“These projects will enhance public safety and strengthen our economy,” Governor Brown reasons in the letter.

The White House Council on Environmental Quality has 30 days to decide whether these requests are deemed necessary, based on their “importance to the general welfare, value to the nation, environmental benefits and such other factors.”

The four infrastructure sites include:

1. Highway 101 Managed Lane Project in San Mateo County: Provides major congestion relief in this vital corridor that links two of the nation’s top innovation and job-creation hubs, Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

2. San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Demolition Project: Expedites demolition of the old bridge to complete this landmark project.

3. California High-Speed Rail Project: Builds the Silicon Valley-to-Central-Valley connection and advances rail improvement to benefit commuters along the Burbank-to-Anaheim route.

4. Oroville Dam Spillway: Completes emergency repairs to the Oroville Dam spillway.

Governor Brown also announced a four-point plan to further flood protection and dam safety that includes “investing $437 million in near-term flood control and emergency response actions by redirecting $50 million from the General Fund and requesting a $387 million Proposition 1 appropriation from the Legislature as soon as possible.”

What’s even more alarmingly is the backlog in transportation repairs Brown cites: “$59 million in deferred maintenance on highways and $78 billion on local streets and roads.”

Stay tuned for more on how Trump responds to Governor Brown’s letter.

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