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It’s virtually unheard of in Toronto real estate in 2017: a detached home in the poncey Roncesvalles neighbourhood that’s listed for $599,900.

There is, of course, a catch — make that a few.

For starters, the vinyl-sided home at 99 ½ Fuller Avenue offers just 730 square feet of interior space. Well, more like 620 square feet once you subtract the loft space that poses some practical issues.

“It’s a bit awkward because it’s got a circular staircase to it, and anybody over four-and-a-half-feet tall will have to kind of duck,” says Chander Chaddah, the Sutton Group Associates broker who has listed the property.

The home only has one bedroom, so young families or those looking to start one probably won’t find much appeal in the home as it stands.

And it’s also tucked behind another house. The lot is nine-feet-wide where it faces Fuller, but expands to 19-feet farther in where the home sits.


Still, Chaddah does see a few types of prospective buyers for the property.

“One is someone looking for a redevelopment project who ought to have experience — and has been through the trenches so to speak more than once or twice — to appreciate the hurdles they’re going to have to face and the complexity [of the project],” he explains. “This is not for a neophyte.”

Then there are the downsizers out there, or those intent on claiming a Roncy address. “At this point, $600,000’s the bottom of the barrel,” says Chaddah.

Indeed, the average price of a detached home in Toronto proper last month was $1,286,605.

As of this afternoon, Chaddah says he’s in talks with two agents whose clients have shown interest in the home, which has been occupied for decades and was renovated around 10 years ago.

The interest follows “reasonably well-attended” open houses this past weekend.

Maybe the interested parties appreciated another of the property’s quirks: an island-themed rum shack in the front yard.

“My client’s background is Bahamian, and that reminds her of home,” says the broker, who notes the seller is “just ready for a change.”

As for that micro loft, Chaddah likens it to a “100-square-foot walk-in closet.” Spoken like a true realtor.

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