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For many coffee lovers, making a perfect cup of Joe isn’t always a cup of tea. With so many third wave pour over coffee cafes on the block, connoisseurs can get their fix there. But, now a New Mexico start-up is claiming they’ve created an autonomous 3D-printed coffee machine that will make the perfect brew from the comfort of your home.

PERK is a coffee machine that aims to create a higher quality brew compared to conventional coffee makers. Created by Jakub and Lukas Svec, PERK was designed to meet the demands of third wave coffee, a precise and high-quality brew that doesn’t need any additives like cream or sugar. The machine, which can easily sit on your kitchen countertop, is constructed with 3D-printed parts and has a minimalist design aesthetic that’s perfect for trendy cafes or your hipster household.


Photo: perkbrew/Facebook

To create its coffee, PERK uses a principle of physics called “mechanical suspension,” to ensure every coffee particle is saturated. Essentially, the machine pumps water through the coffee grains, lifting and separating the particles to ensure each grain is reached by the water.

PERK also features a setting to control the brew’s temperature to an exact degree. The coffee maker uses a recirculating boiler and a nested infusion chamber to ensure there is a constant supply of the control-heated beverage.

Designed for the masses, PERK launched on crowdfunding site Kickstarter this week and the expected retail price is $299 USD. Recently, cafes in the US have been testing out the PERK prototype and providing feedback before the smart-machine goes to market.

For a better look at the 3D-printed coffee maker, check out more photos below.


Photo: perkbrew/Facebook


Photo: perkbrew/Facebook

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