Spring is in the air!

1. Banish cold weather with a wreath made of artificial flowers.


Photo: thehowtomom/Instagram

2. Revamp the vignettes around your house.


Photo: dossdecor/Instagram

3. Decorate with warm metallics like rosegold or copper.


Photo: outwithaudrey/Instagram

4. Add color and texture with vibrant throw pillows.

throw pillows

Photo: targetstyle/Instagram

5. Get your garden into gear by forcing bulbs indoors.

forced bulbs

Photo: my.beauty.diary/Instagram

6. Add spray-painted bunny figurines to your Easter tablescape.


Photo: smallwoodhome/Instagram

7. You know that organizing project you’ve been putting off? Tackle it.


Photo: the_home_edit/Instagram

8. Rearrange the furniture to give your living room a new look for free.


Photo: brittanyork/Instagram

9. When life gives you lemons, place them in a colorful bowl (and then use them for spring cleaning).


Photo: laurenlehmancarter/Instagram

10. Boost curb appeal by repainting your front door in a saturated hue.

front door

Photo: brightwaterhomes/Instagram

11. Opt for lighter-weight bedding in muted pastels.


Photo: thedesignchaser/Instagram

12. Greet your guests with a playful doormat.


Photo: nickeldesigns/Instagram

13. Cut out clutter in the bathroom by keeping toiletries to a minimum.

bathroom clutter

Photo: umbra_ltd/Instagram

14. Buy or DIY an address planter and you’ll be the coolest house on the block.

address planter

Photo: urbanmettle/Instagram

15. Layer a pretty patterned rug over a neutral, such as this sisal area rug.

sisal rug

Photo: mumlittleloves/Instagram

16. Create a gallery wall of vintage-inspired botanical prints.


Photo: birchandlily/Instagram

17. Use removable wallpaper to create a non-committal feature wall.

removable wallpaper

Photo: liveloudgirl/Instagram

18. Turn a pair of rain boots into a spring-themed planter.

boot planter

Photo: trimadoc/Instagram

19. Mix in Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, ‘Greenery.’


Photo: amyspearinginteriors/Instagram

20. Use a tiered tray to show off your collection of ~spring things~.


Photo: decorgold/Instagram

21. And finally, use every opportunity to incorporate color.


Photo: leelacyd/Instagram

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