Ever think about heading to Toronto’s beaches on a cold winter day? Aaron Hendershott, an architect at RAW Design, wants you to.

He helps run Winter Stations, an annual international design competition that sees winning submissions reimagine disused lifeguard towers as public art. “It’s an idea of trying to reinvigorate this landscape, which is not visited very often [during the winter]. It’s a little neglected, and to use the lifeguard stands, which are kind of these symbols of the summer,” Hendershott tells BuzzTV, BuzzBuzzNews’ Facebook Live broadcast.

For the third straight year, Winter Stations have popped up along a shoreline stretch in Toronto’s east end that runs roughly from Woodbine Avenue to Balmy Beach Club. This year’s exhibition, which includes a Japanese hot spring-inspired installation, I See You Ashiyu, runs from February 20th to March 27th.

Some installations may live on elsewhere. “They pop up in interesting ways after the fact,” says Hendershott. Sling swings from a previous installation have turned up behind 401 Richmond, he says. Don’t want to brave the cold? Check out these photos by BuzzBuzzNews’ James Bombales showcasing this year’s winners.




Collective Memory

Collective Memory1

Collective Memory2

Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam1

Flotsam and Jetsam2

I See You Ashiyu

I See You Ashiyu1

I See You Ashiyu2

Midwinter Fire

Midwinter Fire1

Midwinter Fire2




The Beacon

The Beacon1

The Beacon2

The Illusory

The Illusory1

The Illusory2

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