Small space, big style.

1. Carry the color scheme that you have in your home into your outdoor space.

color palette

Photo: csol_2012/Instagram

2. Make the most of your small balcony by utilizing wall space.

wall space

Photo: feryal_lina_utku/Instagram

3. Lay down new flooring overtop drab concrete.

tile floor

Photo: sandraguerreroalvhem/Instagram

4. If you’re a renter, use an outdoor rug to glam up your space.

outdoor rug

Photo: styleachterover/Instagram

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5. Turn a pallet into a budget-friendly outdoor bench.

pallet bench


6. DIY a geometric succulent garden out of cinderblocks.


Photo: kailochic/Instagram

7. Hang a hammock on your balcony for ~ultimate relaxation.~


Photo: lisadanielle__/Instagram

8. Add plenty of string lights to make use of your space day and night.

string lights

Photo: requestion/Instagram

9. Or, light up a few lanterns for a bohemian aesthetic.


Photo: westwingde/Instagram

10. Use decorative privacy screens to add character to a boring balcony.

patterned privacy screen


11. Billowy outdoor curtains offer a luxurious vibe.


Photo: meredithoweninteriors/Instagram

12. Embrace space-saving designs, such as this rail hanging bar.

hanging bar

Photo: home.andthe.heart/Instagram

13. Grow a container garden to easily transfer plants indoors when the temperature dips.

container garden

Photo: bohocentral/Instagram

14. Use accent tables that double as extra seating.

accent tables

Photo: alicialbrandon/Instagram

15. Storage benches are great for windy balconies — you can tuck away pillows and accessories when they’re not in use.

storage bench

Photo: i_n_v_e_r_t/Instagram

16. Laser-cut metal screens are totally worth the investment.

metal screen


17. Miss the lush look of a backyard? Try artificial grass.


Photo: erinstagraming/Instagram

18. Trendy rattan furniture is great for outdoor use.


Photo: kajsavisual/Instagram

19. And finally, install a shelving unit to display potted plants and decor accents.

shelving unit

Photo: baverbo/Instagram

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