Good times and good vibes.

1. There’s nothing more ethereal than a home full of plants.


Photo: ball_and_claw_vintage/Instagram

2. An abundance of throw pillows — think woven, faux fur and lots of embroidery — will add color and comfort.

throw pillows

Photo: casajoshuatree/Instagram

3. Decorate with bold, saturated colors.


Photo: meneses75/Instagram

4. Layering vintage rugs adds warmth and texture.

vintage rugs

Photo: _annalouise._/Instagram

5. Poufs and footstools are incredibly versatile pieces of furniture.


Photo: carpendaughter/Instagram

6. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your dinnerware.


Photo: liz_kamarul/Instagram

7. Accessorize (and send good vibes) with crystals.


Photo: soul.makes/Instagram

8. Buy or DIY a macramé wall hanging.


Photo: bohobylauren/Instagram

9. Choose furniture made from natural materials, like rattan or solid wood.


Photo: brittkingery/Instagram

10. Hang an assortment of lanterns to create a magical atmosphere.


Photo: _lucyinthesky/Instagram

11. Add some sparkle with fairy lights.

fairy lights

Photo: maarlowe/Instagram

12. Geometric terrariums are also a must-have.


Photo: sadies_lovely_life/Instagram

13. Hanging furniture — such as a chair or bedside table — is especially fun.

side table

Photo: joienoel/Instagram

14. Load up on candles to make your whole house smell amazing.


Photo: tezzamb/Instagram

15. Floor cushions are great when you have guests over and require extra seating.


Photo: fleamarketfab/Instagram

16. Handwoven baskets are an unexpected way to decorate your walls.

basket wall

Photo: ladydepetro/Instagram

17. Get a little wild with a cow skull or a rack of antlers.

cow skull

Photo: blissfully_eclectic/Instagram

18. Opt for nature-inspired artwork, like these botanical prints.

nature art

Photo: johnderiancompany/Instagram

19. And finally, never take the word ‘maximalist’ as an insult.


Photo: justinablakeneyhome/Instagram

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