Has winter got you feeling ho-hum? Inject some color into your space!

1. This open-concept living area with oversized marigold sofas and graphic ceramic tiles.

south african living room-compressed

Photo: Reddit

2. This elegant master bedroom that asserts blue is the warmest color.

blue bedroom-compressed

Photo: imgur

3. This study with a masala accent wall that’s reflected in the color of the area rug.


Photo: imgur

4. And this energetic family home with pops of color in every room.

playful home-compressed

Photo: imgur

5. This warehouse loft with a contrasting teal sectional.

teal sectional-compressed

Photo: imgur

6. Or this bright bathroom with colored glass panels and vintage tile.

glass panels-compressed

Photo: imgur

7. This peachy paint color that complements the neutral decor.


Photo: tumblr

8. This funky rainbow bookshelf in a reading corner.

rainbow shelf-compressed

Photo: mochacasa.com

9. This eclectic living room in Madrid that features a tasselled sofa.

eclectic living room-compressed

Photo: imgur

10. And this mountain home that knows how to master the layered rug look.

layered rugs-compressed

Photo: imgur

11. This grey-blue kitchen with sleek, integrated appliances.

grey-blue kitchen-compressed

Photo: imgur

12. This neon-accented living room that really packs a punch.

neon-compressed (1)

Photo: imgur

13. This bohemian bedroom in an L.A. penthouse that just so happens to belong to Johnny Depp.

johnny depp-compressed

Photo: imgur

14. This London estate that, once again, encourages organizing books by color.


Photo: imgur

15. This Parisian apartment with cheerful, sunny decor.


Photo: tumblr

16. And this eclectic living room that boasts a black backdrop with splashes of color.

black backdrop-compressed

Photo: imgur

17. This stunning outdoor patio with ceramic tile that extends up the wall.

tiled patio-compressed

Photo: imgur

18. This jungle retreat in Bali that’s loaded with stacks of patterned floor pillows.

jungle home-compressed

Photo: imgur

19. And finally, this nature-inspired dining room that mixes green tones.


Photo: wp.com

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