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Seattle-based Pavia Systems is a startup that develops software aimed at supporting infrastructure construction projects. Its flagship product is the HeadLight Project Intelligence platform, and last week it closed a $4-million funding round to accelerate its deployment.

Pavia Systems developed HeadLight to make it easier for companies running infrastructure construction projects to record data. As Greg White, the company’s CEO and co-founder, explains in an interview with GeekWire, many companies record data on site on paper, then enter it into forms by hand at a base office. With HeadLight, workers can submit daily reports and provide real-time project updates directly from the site they are working at.

“Project Intelligence enables construction management firms and owners to drive down project delays, reduce risk, improve claims abatement and increase accountability across all aspects of infrastructure construction projects. And HeadLight is the only platform that enables the combination of real-time communication, information and insights to deliver these benefits,” said Charles Marston, partner at Eileses Capital, in a press release. Eileses Capital was the firm that led the $4-million funding round. 

Many companies have taken note of those benefits. Pavia Systems’ software is now being used in seven states, including Washington, California, Texas, Alabama and Illinois. In fact, the Washington State Department of Transportation has been using the software since 2015 for high-profile projects like the SR-520 Floating Bridge and the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement tunnel.

Moving forward, Pavia Systems plans to release new HeadLight applications this year. They will be related to pay items management, advanced reporting, dashboard analytics and integrations. “

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