Following the success of 181 Davenport and 133 Hazelton, 128 Hazelton is the third and final phase in Toronto developer Sam Mizrahi’s master-planned community in Yorkville. Located where Hazelton Avenue meets Davenport Road, the luxury residence sits as the gateway into the prestigious community and features elegant architecture, luxury amenities and custom living spaces.

Launched in 2016, the boutique condominium has recently achieved a major milestone as the developer has announced that it has officially sold out. Construction crews have been busy preparing the site for demolition of the existing buildings and the official groundbreaking is anticipated in the upcoming months.

“128 Hazelton is the last of its kind on Hazelton,” said Sam Mizrahi, President of Mizrahi Developments. “There’s no more land available and the heritage overlay on Hazelton Avenue put in place by the Heritage Conservation District doesn’t allow you to build anything else, so this truly is the last product of its kind.”


Designed by Audax, the nine-storey mid-rise boasts an elegant exterior aesthetic inspired by the Haussmannian architecture that line the boulevards of Paris. As a modern interpretation of the classical 19th century buildings, the design uses a mix of natural stone cladding, metal accents and chamfered stonework.

“128 Hazelton caters to homeowners who have a classical, timeless type of design profile but want all the modern amenities,” said Mizrahi. “I look at it as a transitional building. Having a very timeless, classic look but with all the modern amenities. And each unit is really a home that’s custom designed so it’s a very different type of product.”


Audax’s “Human Architecture” design philosophy plays homage to the past by incorporating elements of traditional architecture with today’s modern aesthetic.

“Human Architecture is really the marriage of the best elements of traditional design with a modern aesthetic so it’s kind of a hybrid,” said Gianpiero Pugliese, Founding Principal at Audax. “It asks how do you build today with a respect for the past and take the best elements from that historical architecture and make it work with our contemporary lifestyles and needs?”

Inside, 128 Hazelton houses a limited collection of 21 spacious, open concept suites with the finest finishes and latest features. Mizrahi’s previous projects are known for their level of customization and 128 Hazelton is no different. The developer worked with each homebuyer to design a home that meets their tastes and needs. From suite layouts and wall placement to architectural finishes and details homeowners were able to fully customize their dream home.


Surrounded by mature trees, heritage homes and many local amenities, residents of 128 Hazelton will benefit from a quiet, residential location that’s just steps from Toronto’s famous Mink Mile. While the area is widely known for its glitzy storefronts and boutiques, it’s also close to grocery stores, public transportation, galleries and museums.

Within the property, residents will have access to a wealth of amenities, including a full service concierge with valet parking, fully-equipped fitness room, event space for hosting grand dinner parties and a sumptuous lounge with terrace. More outdoor space can be found in the professionally landscaped backyard garden complete with dining area.

Construction on 128 Hazelton is scheduled to begin March 2017.

For more information call 416 927 0181 or email reception@mizrahidevelopments.ca.

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