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When renting a gingerbread house in Seattle for $2,000 a month doesn’t sound half bad, you know the rental market has gone haywire.

Over the holidays, a fake Craigslist ad began the making the rounds, offering a “sweet deal” on a “HUGE micro house” with an “efficient floor plan” of about 1 square foot. The only catch? The house must be vacated by January 8th, “when the property is scheduled to be composted.”

The ad was shared widely on Reddit, with commenters chiming in that there would be a “$500 non-refundable pet deposit” and a parking space big enough for a Hot Wheels car.

Seattleite Chris Taylor, a web developer, posted the ad to Craigslist to draw attention to the dire state of the Seattle housing market, reports The Seattle Times. The gingerbread house is conveniently located on top of Taylor’s wine cabinet with a nice view of the Seattle Aquarium.

The satirical gingerbread house ad riffs on a real Craigslist ad promoting a 130-square-foot studio in the University District priced at $750 per month. That sounds like a great deal until you realize the toilet is in the same room as the bed, much like a prison cell.

Seattle was the 10th most expensive rental market in the nation last month, and rental prices in King County are up 7.9 percent compared to this time last year. In other words, while the gingerbread house ad may have been a good joke, Seattle residents continue to face a decidedly unfunny rental market.

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